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Volunteer Information

If you are interested in helping to spread the word about Myballot, or in getting MyBallot to cover another state, we'd be delighted if you considered joining as a volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are described below.

Data Acquisition

If you're up for surfing the web and making some phone calls - this challenge might be for you. As you might imagine, some basic data needs to be available for MyBallot to be able to generate your ballot. If you could help us collect this data, you would be the one to make it possible for MyBallot to cover your state. Just send us an email and we'll go from there.


The challenge of raising awareness of a site such as MyBallot is considerable because interest in the site is limited to a short period of time prior to the election — which leaves very little time for momentum to build. It would be great if you let family, friends and neighbors know about this site.

And if you'd like to take on a bigger challenge — please consider the following possibilities:

  • Informing (via email, phone, or even in person) different groups about MyBallot. We think that many civic, community, religious, library, school, college, university and other groups would be interested in knowing about what MyBallot has to offer.
  • Working with Junior High, and Senior High School government teachers on class projects that make use of MyBallot.
  • Encouraging TV and Radio station coverage of MyBallot.

Software Developer

The objective here is to enable citizens to use MyBallot for a state that is not yet covered. If you are up for the challenge of owning this process for a new state, please let us know.

Qualifications for this position are as follows:

  • At a minimum, strong beginner programming skills. PHP is the primary programming language that we actually use, however appropriate experience in other programming language should be fine.
  • Some experience using SQL, or a strong willingness to learn SQL basics. MySQL is used for the database component.
  • Access to a Linux machine, or the ability to create a dual boot machine that has Linux on it.
  • Strong desire to field accurate sample ballots.
  • Strong desire to deliver MyBallot for your state by early October of an election year.

If you're interested in volunteering, please email us at .